Obama’s Palestine Policy

Obama’s Palestine Policy


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When confusion has been the hall mark of Obama policy for Mideast, Palestinians have benefits of doubts about US intentions on Palestine state, especially when Americans  along with Israelis refused to  recognize Palestine state in UN even as overwhelming majority in UN voted to  support Palestinians  demand of statehood. .  

In spite of his earlier enthusiasm for helping the Palestine in establishing their own state President Obama like his predecessors had done, has gradually moved towards the Zionist bandwagon. Obama is yet to initiate any concrete steps to assure the besieged Palestinians of their right to exist and their security from Zionist fascist military.  

But Obama went all the way to Israel to praise Zionist fanatic values and US-Israeli secret ties and  assured the Israeli criminals of continued US support for  Israel’s terror operations in Mideast.

Israel has succeeded in creating mistrust among Palestinians for Obama and USA..

Obviously with a view to obstructing any real peace in the region, Israel has been sending mixed signals on its internationally condemned settlement policy as Kerry pursues efforts to revive negotiations Palestinians quit in 2010 in anger over Israeli settlement building on occupied land they seek for a state.

Some 500,000 Israelis have settled in recent years in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which was also captured (from Jordan) in 1967. About 2.7 million Palestinians live in those areas. The main issues that would have to be resolved in a peace agreement include the borders between Israel and a Palestinian state, the future of Jewish settlements, the fate of Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.


The Netanyahu government is damn sure that Israeli courts must abide by Jewish  agenda and  boldly said it had taken steps in recent weeks to authorize retroactively four West Bank outposts built without official permission.


International community has condemned the Zionist settlement proliferation inside Palestine and crimes against humanity by killing the people of Palestine. Interestingly an e Israeli anti-settlement group Peace Now is spearheading opposition to all illegal settlements inside Palestine. Peace Now field a case in the Israeli supreme court to stop illegal constructions.

Peace Now said in a statement that “The intention to legalize outposts as new settlements is no less than a slap in the face of Secretary Kerry’s new process and is blatant reassurance to settler interests.”

Last week, Peace Now and Israeli media reports said Netanyahu has been quietly curbing some settlement activity by freezing tenders for new housing projects, in an apparent effort to help the U.S. drive to renew peace talks. But Peace Now said at the time construction already under way was continuing, and Israel announced last week that it had given preliminary approval for 300 new homes in Beit El settlement as part of a plan Netanyahu announced a year ago.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, condemned the move. “Israel continues to put obstacles and to sabotage U.S. efforts to resume negotiation,” he said. “Our position is clear and that is all settlement is illegal and must be stopped.”

Obama seems to be keen to find a lasting solution to Palestine issue and Mideast peace and he has undertaken some steps to  first placate the Zionists. Under pressure from Israel and US Jews, Obama visited Israel but refused to go to Gaza Palestine. This has generated both suspicions among Palestinians about Obama’s intentions. Most of them  have shown indifference towards Obams’s Mideast policy. Kerry, due to meet Netanyahu and Abbas separately next week, has said he believes “the parties are serious” about finding a way back into talks. In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki suggested that a decision to legalize the four outposts would be counterproductive. “We don’t accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,” she said. “Continued settlement activity is counterproductive to the cause of peace.” Maybe US position is farce. 

Israel knows, or at least think, Americans cannot afford to offend Jews.

Most the world deems all Israeli settlements in the West Bank, which Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war, as illegal. Israel disputes this and distinguishes between about 120 government-authorized settlements and dozens of outposts built by settlers without permission.

Unfortunately Obama’s quality of statesmanship is worse than his predecessors.


د. عبد راف 


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