Delhi Aam Aadmi government is doing what Common-man’s party stands for



Delhi Aam Aadmi government  is doing what Common-man’s party stands for




Not only the leading political parties in India, both national and regional ones, have found the challenge being posed by the new Aam Aadmi, but, worse, they have ready-made answer to the popular sentiments espoused by the Kejriwal’s party.


All along these political outfits only deceived the a people and nation by sharing the resources among the political share holders, both ruling and opposition parties.


Now after the AAP assumed office of Delhi government, the Kejriwal leadership continues with its   activist platform and refused to enjoy the fruits of power as other parties are doing all over India.


Should the Aam Aadmi party leaders in the governance also do exactly what others have been doing for decades, they also would end up, cheating the public and looting their resources.


It is alright if those unhappy with AAP’s spectacular victory say quick things like AAP lacks experience in governance


Neither Kejriwal nor his supporters have come to rule Delhi not to enjoy  life but to serve the cause of people and they are doing exactly that


Without struggle they cannot achieve what they want for Delhiites and Indians at large. Delhi vs New Delhi conflict should be seen only from this ankle in order to understand what the new Common-man’s party stands for.


Indian politicians and parities are used a system of deformed democratic tradition,   whereby  selfish politicians somehow get elected only to mint money and  enjoy life along with family and friends and later hand over  the  position to the kith and kin.


These status quo politicians refuse to respond to the AAP’s challenge by seriously committing themselves to people’s concerns, rather than their own and families, and do not want to emulate the Kejriwal example of seriousness because they don’t want to really serve the nation and people.


The political parties in India, shameful even to mention here, are afraid of maintaining transparent party fund collection, not interested in eschewing   corruption, discouraging crime and wrongdoing, in choosing the   right person to contest elections, in distancing the party from the divisive political agenda of vote-bank politics.


Indian system does not place importance to accountability of the elected representatives of Parliament and Assemblies.


Accountability, therefore, is of the essence which the Aam Aadmi tries to put in place by using the elected government.


Ultimately it is the people who deserve credit for the defeat of the Congress in four States, most particularly in Delhi.  The AAP is only an instrument meant for effecting the necessary change of Government leading eventually to the political change.


As Indian politicians eye on the nation’s resources as service charges, the victory of the Aam Aadmi Party in the New Delhi assembly election has been welcomed by those who have the good of the nation at heart.  Thus, for the old guard of Indian polity, it has turned out to be a lump in the throat. They, calling themselves the patriots, in fact want to loot the nation and people and thrive in bribes.


Unfortunately, the perceived champions of democracy trivialised governance by promoting corruption at all levels, permitting ministers, MPs, MLAs and bureaucrats to undertake foreign junkets at public expense ostensibly to learn the ropes of governance. The interpretation of the concept cannot be open to subjective reflection.


By taking cue from the corrupt politicians, the bureaucrats and other officials openly seek bribes for doing anything for the public. The second freedom struggle launched by Anna Hazare and Kejriwal to demand Lokpal bill to contain corruption in New Delhi really threatened the Indian politicians and parliament. And they all got united to oppose any movement to deny them bribes.


With open agenda for uplifting both the nation and people out of corruption ridden criminal activities, Aam Admi Party has demonstrated it represents a break with the dominant trends post independent India ~ dynastic politics, family and hereditary leadership, opaque fund collection, corruption and wrongdoing of its leadership, violence, waste and vulgarity in public expenditure, caste, communalism, gender identity politics and misuse of investigating agencies.


Opponents of Aam Aadmi politics, not knowing how to combat the rise of the new ideology of Kejriwal began attacking on  his lack of experience in governance.  Even before the AAP won the election, its leaders were criticized for their lack of experience in governance. Arvind Kejriwal countered such cynicism with the assertion that governance is not rocket science that is difficult to grasp.


And that is the truth.


Aam Aadmi is not against the big rich guys but they are interested in the welfare of common people and expect the rich to  contribute positively to the  government task of ending corruption and  helping the ordinary people. AAP wants to be untainted by corruption, inefficiency, favoritism and wrongful omissions and commissions such as arbitrary, highhanded and malafide acts of the establishment.


Any government is politically and legally accountable for crime, corruption and wrongful omissions and commissions of all sorts. Central to effective governance is the formulation of honest public policies and their strict implementation. People should be able to get their genuine concerned addressed properly by the officials without asking for extra salary.



The parties that promoted corruption as policy and framed unethical policies for the disposal of the nation’s natural resources at a throwaway price on a first-cum-first-served basis have no right to criticize Aam Aadmi Party for lack of experience in governance.



Above all,  the corrupt political parties  should expect the Aam Admi party to join them to loot the nation’s resources and cheat the masses.


If other parties also are genuinely  interested in the  actual  welfare measures of common people who make  majority of voters , then, they must join the AAP to help the  common people, to end corruption. 


د. عبد راف 

Unfortunately, today there is not even on Muslim nation practicing  truly Islamic faith. 

BY DR. ABDUL RUFF COLACHAL has been an Educationist, Columnist-Commentator  on world affairs Expert on Mideast Affairs Former university Teacher;  Editor:INTERNATIONAL OPINION; FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES; Author of books;website:  Phone: 91-8129081217—(Account: No 62310377429 – CIF No: 78215311481- State Bank of Hyderabad, India)



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