Let a new era of Indian secular democracy dawn soon!

Let a new era of Indian secular democracy dawn soon!

Not by mere statements alone – now BJP should help Muslim masses in real terms!
Muslims in India are the largest minority of Indian state, deserving dignity, protection, livelihood, education, jobs, and quality life. However, they have been reduced to mere vote bank stuff with the status of semi-slaves that could be manipulated and misuse by the politicians in order to win polls, particularly the Congress party.
For ordinary Muslims, the recent positive statement of Indian premier Narandra Modi naming Indian Muslims credible patriots has become shocking even for Congress party leaders as not even that party that exploited the Muslims for its own purposes ever said something like truthful that soothing to Muslims years in India in public.
Today, Indian government run by the national parties like Congress and BJP in alliance with regional parties like Siva Sena, DMK, AIADMK, Telugu desam, etc can deal with Muslims the way they prefer and they do exactly that makes majority Hindus happy.
This anti-Muslim problem has been happening for decades with changing political fortunes of Indian political parties primarily because Indian Muslims have no credible voice in the country, in parliament, state assemblies as their leaders have already sold out Muslims to major parties in exchange for favors for their families; Worse, Muslims still trust the Congress and other pseudo secular parties like Congress, SP that also, like other Hindutva parties, pursue Hindutva programs in India and abroad
It remains a fact that Congress pursues the same polices the BJP advances in India to make Hindus the bosses and Muslims the slaves.
For Indian Muslims the ruling party should not be concern but it is because they see BJP more dangerous than Congress party.
Indian media lords, worst possible fanatic minds the world has today, just dutifully help the regime’s anti-Muslims and anti-Islam overturns and also insults the terrorized Muslims
A few Muslim leaders who control Muslim vote banks in the country, jointly or separately, and transfer votes to the parties that offer maximum money to them benefit from every regime, irrespective of which party or coalition rules India.
Congress party and allies, the so-called secular factory, cannot do that because they gain only if Muslims are divided and hated by Hindus.
A major task for the Narandra Modi government is to release Muslim mindset from the awkward position they have been pushed by the essentially the Congress party that colonized Muslim mindset in its own profitable ways.

False dependence on Congress party has led them to such an extent that Muslims are unable to think that Congress party is the root cause of ill-fated journey of Indian Muslims. The Hindutva parties have only benefited from secret agenda of Congress party.
Muslims are made to think without Congress party Muslims, like in Jammu Kashmir where the military does that, would be killed by Hindutva parties and hence they must protect the Congress party and governments.
Muslim leaders are betraying the Muslim masses. Modi should vacate the court case regarding the historic Babri Mosque and let Muslims worship there as they used to do before the Congress government of Nehru dynasty conspired to dismantle that mosque by misusing Hindutva parties.
Indian Muslims continue to suffer as hapless sections of Indian vote bank politics.
Muslims in India look forward to positive attitude from Hindutva parties toward their cruel fate so that they could aim at a better destiny for themselves in a constructively meaningful manner.
Narandra Modi led BJP government has the absolute majority for making decisions and all the resources under its total command , and so it can showcase the pro-Muslims rhetoric in practice by implementing polices that help Muslims and improve their status in the national scenario that they continue to serve India now as the legitimate citizens of India.
India now should undertake serious economic measures to uplift majority of Muslims who suffer due to the mischevious behaviour of Muslim leaders.
True, India remains a Hindu majority nation will remains so as far as we can see but Muslims as a major minority section are entitled status as Indian constitution.
New premier Narendra Modi can make it a reality. It seems only he has got the authority and power to empower pathetically living Muslims and can do it.
Modi should ask Indian media lords to sympathetic towards defenseless Indian Muslims – enough of gimmicks of fanaticism and hatred towards them. Let the highly communalized India media do justice to Muslims now on. Stop the mischief of putting Pakistani stamp on Indian Muslims, thereby further complicating their pathetic existence in India.
Indian Muslims, except those Congress vote bank agents, look forward to Modi for enough sympathy for them.

Let a new credible era of Indian secular democracy set in soon!


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