Indian Awards: Bharat Ratna for gold medalists in international sports?

Indian Awards: Bharat Ratna for gold medalists in international sports?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

The idea of Bharat Ratna for gold medalists in international sports looks fresh and thought provoking because if implemented properly the idea could would motivate every talented top person to work more and hone.

The top most national award known as Bharat Ratna is meant for the best of top level original human creativity at individual level without any help from government, other agencies, mafias, etc.

However, with the regime offering the Bharatratna to a cricket gambler who made some 100s by using the fake bowlers or by mafia fixings, on the recommendations of corporate lord, the level of the award has been reduced to foot level.

Offering national awards for sports people whose training and coaches are funded by the government itself is not a sound proposition

Having offered the nation’s top honor Bharat Ratna to a cricketer, who managed to get 100s from favorable bowlers and fielders, the regime can now boldly consider names of core sports people for the same or similar awards.

However, now there is a proposal that all gold medalists in international competitions should be given Bharat Ratna, because even bronze medal by real sport people is much superior than the so many 100 runs received by cricketers by mutual consent.

In other words it is time to honor as many people as possible every year with Bharatratna. Lower category awards could be given to silver and bronze medalists. Since a few person could get more than one medal but this could be considered separately. along with team medalists.

Let Indian regime start with the ongoing Asian games 2014 to pick the Bharatratnas.

And, let us not stop at the sport persons alone. The Bharatratna should logically be given to all top people in all fields and domains, in arts, music, cinema, politics, armed forces, intelligence, academics, writers, painters, sculpture, administration, drama, music, science, engineering, judiciary, medicine, technology. At least one person from each field needs be accorded due recognition every year. Literally, every important field should be recognized as Bharatratna level discipline. Mafia sponsored awards for fake sports should be stopped.

The present practice of promoting and pampering in an alarming manner ( as the gambler cricketer had the privilege) just one person for Bharatratna by making his records look charming and highly decorative should be done away with.since it does not work to the advantage of the nation. It alienated many highly talented persons and creative thinkers.


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